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Distributed Power

Professionally installed, safe power supply for your home.

Electric Panel Upgrades & Rewiring

The electric panel box is the first place electricians go to determine an electrical problem or to add additional service. It is a key electrical component that distributes power throughout a structure. Moser Electric is very adept at troubleshooting electrical panel box issues, or expanding electrical service. Moser complies with all electrical codes, and ensures safe and reliable power.


Moser Electric is a competitive home electrical service. We provide professional, safe electrical installations with our up-front, no-nonsense pricing. We make every effort to remain within the budget for the project scope while providing new electrical service that meets or exceeds project requirements.

Why Moser Electric?

Moser Electric is fully insured and staffed by fully licensed master electricians and technicians. Our team has seen and corrected many bad electrical wiring projects. We are the team that solves those problems and ensures safe and reliable power to any structure within our service area. Moser Electric provides total peace of mind with electric panel upgrades and rewiring. Our team is friendly and trusted. We are not salesmen. We are skilled tradesmen resolving electrical needs.

We Solve Electrical Problems.

Moser's Electrical Panel and Wiring Services

If a home inspector reports potential issues with a home that you intend to buy, then we can specifically inspect the home’s electrical system and report on the specific issues prior to purchase. We also can ensure your home is fully code compliant prior to listing it for sale, or check the general electrical safety of a home.

Property owners building a new home or doing a complete gutting of an older home commonly pursue installation of a modern, code approved electrical system that has the capability to expand and grow as the home’s family grows. An electrical plan is made, a modern circuit panel is installed, and electrical lines are run to the wall outlets, light switches, and lights.

Expanding panel capacity is a smart way to manage the load on your home electrical system when new appliances are added, such as air conditioners and heat pumps. These capacity upgrades are for modern circuit breaker panels with the available space to add new electrical service.

Fuse boxes are no longer installed and used in modern construction. They were an early form of household power management that were far safer than what they replaced, but are still considered a fire danger compared to a properly installed modern circuit panel. Fuse box replacements are very common in remodeling an older home or after the total failure of an old fuse box.

(If you have an older system with known safety concerns, such as older Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric panels, then it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a higher capacity, modern installation as soon as you’re able.)

House rewiring is necessary to meet modern electrical demands and makes the electrical system significantly safer, reducing the risk of overheating and fire, while assisting with the stability of your electricity. Homes with aluminum electrical wires, which can melt, and ancient knob and tube wiring should be rewired as soon as a property owner is able.

The ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) outlets are specially designed to prevent you from dying of electrocution or suffering a severe injury. They are installed in wet rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens where wet hands are common. The GFCI is required in any new home construction.

While it is very common to see an outlet based surge protector for computers and other electrics, a better solution is surge protection for the entire structure. Whole house surge protector is installed at the circuit panel and protects all appliances and electronics from power surges from storms or damage caused to neighborhood infrastructure.

3 Phase electrical service is generally used for commercial or industrial applications, but homes can also be upgraded to 3 phase power. Large estate homes may use 3 phase power as well as home wood shops, metal shops, and garages with auto enthusiasts. 3 Phase is a safer way to manage power when a lot of power is needed.


Contact Moser Electric for your panel update or rewiring project. Tell us your objectives with your new or updated service, and we’ll determine the current and future needs of your home electrical system that is both safe and powerful.