The 'No Dig' Trenchless Water Line Replacement

 Save your landscapingFor the latest technology for your water line repair and replacement in the Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, Moneta, Rocky Mount, Forest speak with the experts at Moser Electric Plumbing Division.  Not only are we experienced with all types of water line repair, but you can be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service.

** DON'T DIG WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH MOSER ELECTRIC PLUMBING FIRST: You can SAVE your landscaping and thousands of dollars with trenchless repair **

Discover the trenchless advantage for your home or business:

- REPAIRS WITHOUT DIGGING: Trenchless Water Line repair technology means that we can repair or replace your water line underground without destructive trench digging.  Most contractors will dig up your garden with a backhoe - they won't even tell you that this technology exists!  The system works by pulling a pipe cutting head through your old pipe cs, and pulling in a replacement pipe in behind the pipe cutting head.  The old pipe is cut, and you are left with the brand new pipe in its place. We only dig at each end of the water line.

- SAVE YOUR LANDSCAPING: By avoiding destructive trench digging, a trenchless replacement can save your garden, landscaping, driveway or patio from having to be dug right through.  That also means you can save plants that would otherwise be destroyed.  Most of all it means you can avoid the terrible mess that digging a trench right through your property involves.

- SAVE MONEY: Choosing a trenchless repair can actually SAVE you THOUSANDS by avoiding unnecessary landscaping destruction.  One of the most expensive parts of digging a trench is having to reinstate the driveway, patio or landscaping after the pipe has been replaced.  With a trenchless repair you'll have no such concerns.

- FASTER: Trenchless repairs also take less time than digging up an entire garden, saving you the time and inconvenience.  It's the low hassle way of replacing your sewer line.

- DRAIN & SEWER EXPERTS: Moser Electric Plumbing Division professionals are the local experts in drain and sewer issues, and are already trusted in thousands of homes.

- SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: Be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service from clean-cut and polite technicians who will take the time to help with all your needs.

- UP-FRONT PRICING: Know the full price up-front before we start. Moser Electric Plumbing Division by the job, not the hour for your complete peace of mind.

- FRIENDLY & HELPFUL: From the first time you call you'll appreciate the friendly and helpful service you receive from Moser Electric Plumbing Division