What is a Hybrid Water Heater?

The water heater industry is vast and the technology continues to evolve every year. There are several different types of systems called "hybrid," and as its name suggests, it involves the combination of two different water heater types. One of the most popular hybrid water heaters combines the power of the tank water heater with the efficiency of the tankless water heater. One of the downsides of a tankless water heater is that it can be easily overwhelmed by simultaneous hot water usage around the home. A hybrid water heater is equipped with a reservoir tank so that you have sufficient hot water whenever you need it.

Our Hybrid Water Heater Installation Services

As with the installation of any other type of hot water heater, your new hybrid water heater must be appropriately sized to match your home. This requires the technical expertise and experience of a trained professional. We can find you a system whose hot water capacity matches that of your hot water needs, and then integrate it seamlessly into your existing plumbing system. With our hybrid water heater installation services, you can be confident in your new equipment.

Servicing Your Hybrid Water Heater Across Roanoke, Lynchburg, Forest, Bedford, Moneta, Rocky Mount, Franklin County

Despite the technological innovations in the water heater industry, no system—not even the hybrid water heater—is immune from the wear and tear incurred over time. There will come a point at which your hybrid water heater needs to be repaired. We can take care of that as well as any routine maintenance that your system requires. Regular tune–ups are the key to longevity. Call Moser Electric's Plumbing Divisiona for expert hybrid water heater services across Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA.