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Water Conditioning

Water Softening and Conditioning Pros

For better tasting, softer and safer water for your home or business speak with the water quality experts from Moser Electric Plumbing Division today. Not only can we perform a thorough test of your home’s water supply quality and make recommendations, but we can do so with a level of service and great value which is second-to-none.

Discover how we can help with your water quality needs:

  • WATER SOFTENERS: Hard water is a real problem in many local areas it makes it hard to create a lather when washing, causes scale buildup on faucets, and reduces the working life of appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines. Water hardness is the result of the build up of minerals such as calcium carbonate in the water supply. Thankfully, Moser Electric Plumbing Division can help reduce the hardness of your water with a complete “all of home” solution that is not only low maintenance, but it doesn’t require any electricity to operate! You can enjoy luxurious showers, cleaner clothes, lower detergent usage, and much easier cleaning around kitchens and bathrooms with no scale build-up.
  • WATER CONDITIONING & PURIFICATION: Another issue with the water supply is the quality of the water. There are contaminants which can contribute to health concerns, as well as affecting the taste and odor of the water. Contaminants confirmed in our local water supply include trace quantities of arsenic (low levels of which over sustained periods can contribute to arsenosis poisoning) and nitrates, which recently peaked in some local areas to two thirds of the maximum EPA permitted limit. High levels of nitrates can contribute to health concerns for newborn babies as well as during pregnancy. The EPA permitted limits tend to change over time, so what was considered a ‘safe’ level only a few years ago may now be banned. Today’s safe levels may be tomorrow’s concerns.
  • For better peace of mind, and cleaner tasting water, Moser Electric Plumbing Division can assist with an “all of home” water conditioning and purification system, designed specifically to your home’s water supply and needs. From reverse osmosis to specific filters targeting particular contaminants, Moser Electric Plumbing Division can supply and install a system that improves your water quality.
  • FREE WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS: If you are concerned about your water quality or hardness, Moser Electric Plumbing Division can provide you with a FREE, no obligation analysis of your home’s water with any other service. (Conditions apply, call for details).
  • LEADING BRANDS: Moser Electric Plumbing Division supplies the leading water purification brand for your complete peace of mind. We can show you the systems with the lowest running costs and the best warranties to help you choose the right solutions for you.
  • HOMES & BUSINESSES: We can help both homes and businesses with their water quality needs. Businesses can benefit from cost savings from reduced cleaning needs, as well as longer appliance lifespans.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: With Moser Electric Plumbing Division you can be sure of a level of friendly service which is second-to-none. Read from our happy customers on our review page it’s why we’re already trusted in thousands of homes.

For softer, cleaner-tasting and safer water for your home, including an estimate or a FREE analysis of your home’s water quality (with any other service), call and speak with Moser Electric Plumbing Division today.