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Trenchless Water Line Replacement

‘No Dig” Trenchless Water Line Replacement

For the latest technology for your water line repair and replacement in the Roanoke, Lynchburg, Bedford, Moneta, Rocky Mount, Forest speak with the experts at Moser Electric Plumbing Division.  Not only are we experienced with all types of water line repair, but you can be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service.


You can SAVE your landscaping and thousands of dollars with trenchless repair

Discover the trenchless advantage for your home or business:

  1. REPAIRS WITHOUT DIGGING: Trenchless Water Line repair technology means that we can repair or replace your water line underground without destructive trench digging.  Most contractors will dig up your garden with a backhoe – they won’t even tell you that this technology exists!  The system works by pulling a pipe cutting head through your old pipe cs, and pulling in a replacement pipe in behind the pipe cutting head.  The old pipe is cut, and you are left with the brand new pipe in its place. We only dig at each end of the water line.
  2. SAVE YOUR LANDSCAPING: By avoiding destructive trench digging, a trenchless replacement can save your garden, landscaping, driveway or patio from having to be dug right through.  That also means you can save plants that would otherwise be destroyed.  Most of all it means you can avoid the terrible mess that digging a trench right through your property involves.
  3. SAVE MONEY: Choosing a trenchless repair can actually SAVE you THOUSANDS by avoiding unnecessary landscaping destruction.  One of the most expensive parts of digging a trench is having to reinstate the driveway, patio or landscaping after the pipe has been replaced.  With a trenchless repair you’ll have no such concerns.
  4. FASTER: Trenchless repairs also take less time than digging up an entire garden, saving you the time and inconvenience.  It’s the low hassle way of replacing your sewer line.
  5. DRAIN & SEWER EXPERTS: Moser Electric Plumbing Division professionals are the local experts in drain and sewer issues, and are already trusted in thousands of homes.
  6. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: Be sure of satisfaction guaranteed service from clean-cut and polite technicians who will take the time to help with all your needs.
  7. UP-FRONT PRICING: Know the full price up-front before we start. Moser Electric Plumbing Division by the job, not the hour for your complete peace of mind.
  8. FRIENDLY & HELPFUL: From the first time you call you’ll appreciate the friendly and helpful service you receive from Moser Electric Plumbing Division
  • Panel Upgrades & New Installations– new panels, capacity increases, fuse box to circuit break upgrades.
  • Power Repair Issues – Fast repairs for power issues and problems.
  • Power Supply Upgrades – including single to three phase upgrades.
  • Rewiring – upgrading your homes wiring for greater capacity, reliability and safety
  • New Outlets & Switches – upgrades to power outlets and switches, plus new installations.
  • Lighting – lighting installations and upgrades, including modern recessed accent and track lighting.
  • Ceiling Fans – new ceiling fan installations or upgrades.
  • Outdoor lighting and electrics – adding light and power to your landscaping and outdoor lifestyle.
  • Security Lighting – motion-detector lighting and remote control lighting
  • Telephone & Data – cabling and new outlets for your phone and data.
  • Home Theater – cabling, installation and lighting.
  • Electrical Safety – safety inspections and upgrades, including ground fault interrupters.
  • Standby Generators – enjoy uninterrupted power with our standby generator installations.
  • Hot Tub and Pool Hook Ups – power supply for your pool filter, heater or hot tub.
  • Surge Protection – all of home surge protectors to guard your electronic devices.
  • Exhaust Fans – ventilation including bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans
  • Appliance Hook Ups – including electric ranges, dryers and heaters.
  • Code Compliance – bring your home power up to code
  • Emergency Repairs – for fast emergency electrical repairs

Standby Generators For Your Home or Business

Protect your home or business from power blackouts with a new standby generator installation from Moser Electric. With expert service and installation across the Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA Moser Electric can help with friendly advice and a no obligation estimate today.

Discover the Moser Electric standby generator advantage:

$100 OFF
NEW Tankless Water Heaters installed by our expert service technicians.
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  • CONTINUOUS POWER: Keep you electrical appliances up and running in even the most serious power outages and weather events. When the systems senses a fall in the utility power supply it switches the standby generator on automatically, keeping your power running.
  • ESSENTIAL POWER: Protect essential power provision for businesses and medical needs.
  • CAPACITY: With high capacity generators to power all your needs. Let Moser Electric help you size the system to those exact needs.
  • LEADING BRANDS: Moser Electric supply and install systems from the leading standby generator brand Generac.
  • BEST WARRANTIES: We can even show you the systems with the best warranties for years of reliable service when you need the system most.
  • PROFESSIONAL: Moser Electric is experienced, licensed and insured for your electrical needs.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You’ll be delighted with the level of friendly service you receive from Moser Electric. It’s why we’re already trusted in thousands of homes across Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA.
  • NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATES: Call for a no obligation estimate from the local standby generator experts.

For all your standby generator questions and needs in Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA call and speak with Moser Electric today.

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Electric Panel Upgrade & Rewiring Experts

Moser Electric can help with all your panel and wiring needs including:

  • FAST REPAIRS: If you have a problem with your existing panel or wiring, Moser Electric can be there, on-time.
  • PANEL AND CAPACITY UPGRADES: Upgrades or replacements to your panel to add capacity or upgrade to a safer system. Upgrades are common to add additional electrical appliances such as air conditioners or heat pumps, while replacements are more common as part of a remodel or after the total failure of an old panel. If you have an older system with known safety concerns (such as older Zinsco or Federal Pacific Electric panels) then it is recommended that you upgrade to higher capacity modern installation.
  • REWIRING: Rewiring your property to meet modern electrical demands can not only make your electrical system significantly safer (reducing the risk of overheating and fire, a particular concern if your home has aluminum or very old wiring), it can also help with the stability of your electricity. You can avoid problems like tripped breakers and sudden dimming when appliances turn on and off.
  • NEW INSTALLATIONS: Moser Electric can help with new panel and wiring installations.
  • FUSE BOX TO CIRCUIT BREAKER UPGRADES: Upgrade your breakers.
  • TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have a persistent issue, we can help diagnose the problem.
  • 1 TO 3 PHASE UPGRADES: If you need to increase the power capacity significantly for appliances needing to draw more power.
  • GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS: Which greatly reduce the risk of electrocution and fire when there is an issue.
  • CODE COMPLIANCE & SAFETY INSPECTIONS: Ensure your home is code compliant (common when selling or buying a home, since the home will be inspected), or check the electrical safety of a home.
  • SURGE PROTECTION: Protect your electrical appliances with our all of home surge protection upgrades.
  • ELECTRICAL EXPERTS: Moser Electric is fully licensed and insured.
  • UP-FRONT PRICING: There are no surprises with Moser Electric – you’ll know the full price in advance.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You’ll be delighted with the level of friendly and helpful service you receive from our clean-cut and courteous electricians.

For all your electrical needs in Roanoke VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Smith Mountain Lake, call and speak with Moser Electric today.