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Pipes and Leaks

Expert Pipe Leak Detection & Repair.

When you have issues with your water pipes, from leaks to rusty water to low water pressure, Moser Electric Plumbing Division can help. Already trusted in thousands of homes across Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA, you’ll be delighted with our satisfaction guaranteed service.

Moser Electric Plumbing Division can help with all your pipe plumbing needs including:

  • PIPE LEAKS: We can help detect and locate the source of your leak, even underground or behind walls. Once diagnosed we can suggest a proposed solution to fix your issue.
  • LOW WATER PRESSURE: If you have low or intermittent water pressure (especially if it has changed over time), there may be an issue with your home’s pipes. We can help by remediating the issue, or helping to increase the pressure.
  • RUSTY OR BAD TASTING WATER: If your water has a brown appearance or a metallic taste it’s possible that you have older galvanized pipes in your home. It may be beneficial to consider a copper repipe of your home (see below).
  • COPPER or PEX REPIPING: To solve continuing problems with older pipe work (including galvanized pipes) Moser Electric Plumbing Division can help with a partial or complete repipe with modern and reliable alternatives such as copper or PEX piping.
  • FROZEN PIPES: For help with frozen pipes, including ways to reduce both damage and re-occurrence.
  • NEW WATER PIPES: If you need new water pipes (for example while remodeling), Moser Electric Plumbing Division can help with a complete installation.
  • POLYBUTYLENE PIPES: We can replace problematic polybutylene piping in mobile homes.
  • CODE COMPLIANCE: We can help bring your home’s piping up to code. A common issue that many owners find when trying to sell or buy a home is that the existing piping is not code compliant (because, for example, they have mixed up different types of piping in the same system).
  • PIPE PLUMBING EXPERTS: Moser Electric Plumbing Division technicians are the experienced experts when it comes to your home’s water pipes. We are fully licensed and insured, and our technicians are clean-cut, courteous and friendly.
  • UP-FRONT PRICING: You’ll know the price in advance with Moser Electric Plumbing Division, for your complete peace of mind.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED SERVICE: You’ll be delighted with the level of service you receive from Moser Electric Plumbing Division.

For all of your pipe plumbing needs in Roanoke VA, Lynchburg VA, Forest VA, Bedford VA, Moneta VA, Franklin County VA,, from leaks to repipes, call and speak with Moser Electric Plumbing Division today.